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These few pages are presented to be the starting point of a projected large web site showing the amazing beetles diversity from the whole world.

After retiring, six years ago, I have worked on a lot of pictures from a selection of preserved specimens belonging to both public and privates collections and already have in stock some thousands HD jpg files from main families of Coleoptera. Now the main objective is to extend the numbers of families and species still present in my data base pictures and enrich the former ones.

 I don’t want to have the pictures monopole and  hope this project will be suited by a number of colleagues having a good handful in matter of numeric macro photography and able to reach fair, or more or less rare specimens from various collections. Please let me know if you want co working with this project. If you are trained in photography of very small specimens you should be of great help.

I want to express here, my gratitude to some collegues having kindly given at my disposal numbers of good specimens from their private collections : Daniel Maquet (Carabidae) , Jacques Hauwaerts (Cetonidae), Philippe Léonard (Cetonidae)  and particularly to Alain Drumont (Prionidae) for his indefectible help about the very rich and enormous materials of Brussels Museum (IRSNB).

Thanks also to those having already sending me some of their better pictures (ix.2010) :


Alain Coache F
Antonio Verdugo E
Augusto Degiovanni I
Calogero Muscarella I
Claudio Labriola I
Cosmin O. Manci Ro
Damien Maguerre F
Daniel Prunier F
Enrico Riva I
Franco Sandel I
Fred Chevaillot F
Gérard Chemin F
Jean-Yves Yvinec F
Jules d'Oc F
Marcello Romano I
Maurizio Bollino I
Maurizio Gigli I
Pascal Belenger F
Pascal Deschamps F
Pascal Stefani F
Philippe Léonard B
Ricardo Poloni I
Roland Boutonnet F
Stéphane Hanot B
Stéphane Vassel F


Now it is time to show some of the results. This blog is under construction and frequently subject to modifications. If you have some suggestions please don’t hesitate to take contact.


The pictures on these pages  remains property of their authors. Please don’t diffuse them without permission. The collection’s references should always be given.


Noël MAL (September .2010)


Update for new contributors (February 2012) :

Thanks to all !





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